Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Effie Yao


Dr. Effie Yao obtained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Dental School, a leading, premier institute in the advancement of dental science. She also extended her surgical dental internship treating children and veterans at the Oklahoma Medical Center. Dr. Yao later continued her Dental Implant surgical training at the Medical College of Georgia. Her philosophy of ensuring optimal dental health and wellness of being was shaped over time and rooted in a professional background. Dr. Yao's personal experience and abilities with compassionate patient care is the foundation of her approach to Dentistry. As you get to know Dr.Yao, you will find her to be friendly and approachable, and her mission is to provide you and your family with the highest quality dental care in a professional and comfortable environment.

Dr. Yao is an avid athlete and enjoys working out at the gym, playing tennis, golfing and running. She also love spending time with her family.

Dr. Mark McCoy


Dr. Mark McCoy obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Case Western Dental School, a leading institute in dentistry. He also extended his implant surgical training at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. McCoy has treated thousands of patients, staying on the cutting edge of technology. He brings his depth of experience and innate concern for your overall health and comfort to each and every treatment. Dr. McCoy believes in preventative dental care and is compassionate in treating you and your family with the highest responsibility.

Dr. McCoy enjoys spending time with his family. His other passions include the restoration of cars, trains, boats, and airplanes.