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Who should use oral sedation dentistry?

It is no secret that most of us do not like going to the dentist. In fact, many people go years without even a check-up or cleaning. Some reasons for avoiding the dentist include:

Fear of needles, drills, or other dental instruments.

Past traumatic dental experiences.

Sensitive teeth and/or difficulty getting numb.

Discomfort with the smells, noises, and tastes that accompany dental work.

Fortunately, in this day and age, these issues are no longer a reason to avoid the dentist. With oral sedation dentistry, patients are able to have a comfortable, anxiety-free experience while having their dental work performed. WE CATER TO COWARDS.

Oral sedation dentistry has been around for years, and has continued to evolve as more options are made available to patients. In order to perform oral sedation, dentists are required to complete additional training. 

While it is common practice to be sedated by physicians for medical procedures, for some time there has been the misconception that routine dental work is not uncomfortable enough to justify the use of sedation. Fortunately, oral dental sedation is now used routinely. It has proven to be a safe and effective option for a variety of  dental patients and procedures.


Oral Sedation (pill) ~ This is the lowest level of sedation we administer, usually for patients who are afraid of getting a shot in the mouth, or are just anxious about having dental work done. You will take pills orally and there is no IV in the arms.

What to Expect- most patients describe feeling as though they have “slept” through the appointment and does not fully remember the dental procedures.

If you are sedated you will need someone to bring you to our office on the day of your appointment. Also, you MUST make sure you have someone to take you home afterward and stay with you for rest of the day.

How do I know if sedation is right for me?

Talking with your dentist is the first step in deciding if oral sedation dentistry is for you. Whether you are afraid of needles, have trouble getting numb, a gagger, or are simply anxious when it comes to dental work. You and your dentist can discuss your individual case and options.